Thursday, July 28, 2005

Featured Exquisite Mind webpage: impermanence

The fleeting changing days of summer in Vermont are a good reminder of the lesson of impermanence. It might be sunny in the morning and storming in the afternoon. Hazy and humd yeilds to high pressure and clouds that reveal the purple majesty of the green mountains on the horizon. Today's featured page is impermanence.

Impermanence reflects the deep nature of experience. From moment to moment there is change. Whatever lens of a time frame we look through we can observe change -- from moment-to-moment, to the near and far terms of our life. Ultimately, we are aging, and there are constant changes associated with that. Illnesses, aches, and pains arise and visit with us for a time and leave. When they do not leave, our chronic conditions change over time too. A pain may seem solid and unchanging, but it is a pulsing of energy through time, and when observed as it is occurring, it can be seen to change. Changes may be subtle, and are not always obvious or dramatic. There may be subtle changes in our mood throughout the day, the pattern of our thoughts is constantly changing, the fullness of the belly, the temperature outside. Our fortunes change, we lose and gain things. People and animals we love become ill and die. Our tendency to attribute or desire permanence where there is impermanence leads to suffering. Read more ...

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