Sunday, September 11, 2005

Local JewBhu Makes Good

Imagine a Jewsish man leading a Christian church service on the theme of Buddhist meditation. Such was the scene this past Sunday at the Unity Church in Essex Junction, Vermont when my friend , Dr. Steve Taubman, led the assembled in mindfulness meditation. After entertaining with a couple of magic triicks, Steve presented a succinct and inviting view. In the language that includes the discussion of God, he said instead of seeking God all over the place, go to the place where God is -- the present moment (free of any thinking activity). This, of course, is the central mesage of mindfulness. Steve is a talented magician, hypnotist, and showman. He also talked about his recent book, which was an bestseller: Unhypnosis. In this accessible self-help book, Steve combines his knowledge of hyponisis and his practice of vipassana.

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