Saturday, April 09, 2005

Greetings and Beginnings

Where to begin? At the beginning I suppose! And that beginning takes its start in the present moment. It is, perhaps, a wonderful thing that what I've been involved with for the past 22 years now has some cultural cache and even cliché connotation -- wherever you go, there you are ... I'd rather be here now ... ! I know very little about web logs or blogging. Despite my naivety, there is an intuitive appeal to this as a form of public journal keeping to disseminate the benefits of mindfulness, and as a motivation towards a writing commitment. I see the blog as an extension of the newsletter. The newsletter will continue with the blog serving as the source material. It is an exciting time for Exquisite Mind, and it seems like the right moment to venture out into the world to communicate in this way. I feel a certain gravity and responsibility for this project. I invite you to come to this space on a regular basis to read, reflect, and link in ways that will deepen your understanding of mindfulness and inspire action. I beg your patience with this venture, as it may take a while to find the rhythm of this medium, and for those inevitable days when a posting does not appear. I am excited for this to be a journey into mindfulness for myself and for everyone who honors me with their eyeballs and their attention for a few minutes each day.

What will you find on this blog? As with the newsletter, entries may have a themes related to incorporating mindfulness into daily life. There may be a poem, I've read or written that reflects this theme. I will present research articles I am reading on the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions, and I will present excerpts from the books I am writing, and from books I am reading. The Blog library will be an expanding compendium of lists, links, and resources regarding this journey. Click below to see the blog library.

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